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Cutting edge technology for fast, efficient real-time analysis of complex multicolor files

As the complexity of flow cytometry increases, experiments require more events to collect, more plots to visualize, and more time to analyze them. Kaluza Analysis Software is designed to simply, efficiently, and quickly analyze multicolor, multiparametric data to allow researchers to uncover the meaning of what is hidden in your flow cytometry data.

Kaluza is available in the format you and your laboratory need. Whether you are looking for an individual timed license or a large site license, we have the solution for you.

No Risk 30-Day Trial Download Available

Fill out the form and download a risk free 30-day trial. Take advantage of the online tutorials and receive tips and tricks via email. If you would like to continue using Kaluza Analysis software after that, contact your sales representative or order a copy of Kaluza online.

 Intelligent Workspace Design

Kaluza’s innovative dynamic workspace allows flexibility and freedom of organizing displays with minimal effort providing an intuitive environment for data exploration. Data replay is made quick and easy with automatic loading of the original plots, gates, and colors from files with embedded analysis protocols. The workspace allows you to:

  • Analyze data directly from report or plot sheet
  • Drag & drop plots into a report page
  • Generate multiple report layouts per sample
 Multiparametric Plots

Kaluza’s innovative multiparametric plots revolutionize the way multicolor data is analyzed. By doing so, Kaluza:

  • Simplifies multiparametric data analysis into interactive display
  • Enables quick pattern recognition analysis
  • Analyzes all events in a single view


 Data Merge

The data merge feature enables better measurement of rare populations and facilitates analysis of longitudinal and time course studies. Merging files allows you to:

  • Easily combine multiple files for quality analysis
  • Enable specific measurement of rare populations
  • Facilitate analysis of longitudinal and time course studies

 Cytometer Compatibility

Kaluza isn’t just for people who have a cytometer from Beckman Coulter. Kaluza can be integrated into your laboratory operations regardless of the cytometer since it reads standard FCS data files. Improved functionality allows you to:

  • Change the scale mode from Legacy to full range
  • Customize the plot axis range
  • Use pan to position data on plot




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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 


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