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Want to Free Your Lab Staff from Pipetting

Reagents & Cocktail Preparation?

Laboratory staff are spending the majority of their time on mundane and routine tasks which can be as high as 90% of their time. Tasks such as cocktailing, QC, inventory management etc., to most laboratories are unavoidable.  This leaves insufficient time for your highly skilled staff to:

  • Adapt new technology
  • Increase time on data interpretation
  • Increase your test throughput
  • Expand your menu offering

Many labs have now accepted and recognized this challenge and would want to ensure that there is minimal reagent wastage, which would eventually save money but also spend time effectively.  Labs would like to manage routine tasks efficiently from a workflow perspective so that the lab could use employee time more effectively. 



Figure 2: The annual time calculated for manual steps involved in the flow cytometry process for hematological malignancies.


Would you like us to analyze the data from your lab and propose how we could minimize wastage and save on labor time? Try the DURA Innovations Challenge to find out.

Workflow Improvements

You can see an instant savings by eliminating labor costs for creating large quantities of cocktails, by using DURA Innovations.

Download the two papers to see how much time you could save.








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More User-Defined Testing Solutions Powered by DURA Innovations

  • Antibodies from any source (ours, yours, or our competitors)
  • Dried or liquid formats
  • Exclusive DURA Innovations
  • Flexible delivery terms
  • QC testing on request (per your validation method and specified acceptance criteria)
  • Single-color conjugations
  • Optimized multi-conjugate combinations
  • Bulk purified antibodies
  • Exclusive DURA Innovations dry (not lyophilized) custom reagents
  • Stable at room temperature
  • Warrantied for 1 year
  • Include lot-matched compensation kits
  • Pre-cocktailed DuraClone Panels
  • No manual cocktail preparation
  • Ready-to-use, unitized, dry format panels
  • Improved stability compared with liquid cocktails
  • Room temperature stable
  • No management of expiration dates and revalidations
  • The natural choice for clinical

Please refer to the product label for more information on the Regulatory status

Read more about the economic impact of user defined tests in flow cytometry. Download the papers now