With High Sensitivity & Lot-To-Lot Consistency

Immunoglobulins are secreted by B-cells and are comprised of heavy (G, A, D, E, or M) and light chains (Kappa and Lambda). Each mature B lymphocyte expresses surface immunoglobulins exclusively bearing only one class of light chains, either Kappa or Lambda with cellular proportions of roughly 2/3 in healthy individuals.

A skewing of this ratio may indicate an expansion of either kappa+ or lambda+ B cell clone. Kappa and Lambda light chains are produced exclusively by B lymphocytes but can also be found at the surface of a variety of non-B cells expressing Fc gamma receptors such as CD64, CD32, CD16.

Features of new anti-Kappa and anti-Lambda antibodies:

  • Polyclonal antibodies – higher affinity and sensitivity
  • Fragments only – minimized non-specific staining
  • ASR Regulatory Status – validated for clinical use in the United States
  • Manufactured under cGMP regulations – state of the art and reproducible manufacturing conditions

Disclaimer: Data generated in research context during product development

Name Clone Status Part No


Goat polyclonal

ASR C15623


Goat polyclonal

ASR C15189


Goat polyclonal




Goat polyclonal


Coming soon

ASR: Analyte Specific Reagents. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established

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