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A New Approach to Eliminate Dead Cells from Multicolor Flow Cytometry: ViaKrome Fixable Viability Dyes

Markus Maeurer Presenter: Nancy Dempsey
Date: Saturday, May 11
Time: 11:15 - noon
Location: Exhibitor Workshop Room 2



The accuracy of multicolor flow cytometry is improved by eliminating dead cells from the analysis.  Dead cells bind antibodies non-specifically and also tend to have increased autofluorescence.  Completely eliminating them by forward and side scatter is difficult as dying cells can maintain their physical structure at the beginning of the process.  All commercially available fixable viability dyes are based on NHS ester compounds that crosslink with primary amines on proteins.  This chemistry is susceptible to hydrolysis decreasing the reagent stability and ease of use.  ViaKrome Fixable Viability Dyes are a new thiol reactive fluorescent dye which is soluble in aqueous buffer, does not require DMSO for reconstitution, and exhibits bright staining in whole blood samples.  They are offered in a range of colors, ViaKrome 405, ViaKrome 561, ViaKrome 638 and ViaKrome 808. This choice provides flexibility for multicolor panel design. The compatibility of the ViaKrome dyes will be presented in 18-color immunphenotyping panels and functional assays using PBMCs and whole blood. 

For research use only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures. 

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